Monday, 26 January 2015

113 Best List of App Review Websites

App Review Websites

Picking the best app review websites to focus on is usually a challenging work. That is the reason we come with collected a directory of 113 best list of app review websites (that compare games and apps for iphone, ipad and android) arranged by popularity, so its possible to avoid to the element of sending email requests to review your app.

The spreadsheet includes a bunch of important information that will help you target the app review website that best fits your requirements, such as Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, # of Twitter Followers and, # of Facebook Followers and kind of App Reviews.

113 Best List of App Review Websites

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

24 Free Game Buttons PSD

24 Free Game Buttons PSD

Psd having 24 game buttons concepts. It can be used for various types of games (magic, fantasy, scifi, cartoon, etc), all buttons are made with vector shapes and layers styles. Free fonts are used.

Free Game PSD's Used By Unity3diy Is Now Available

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Recently we see an update from joy robins/unity about Global game jam 2015, and good new is they are giving various giveaway and you can win unity pro license 

This is what he said:

It’s that time of the year again! Global Game Jam is on next weekend! Unity Pro trial licenses are available to download right now, so you can prepare your toolset for the jam. We’re also running a number of giveaways and shipping Unity people to game jams sites across the world.

Unity Pro trial licenses are valid for thirty days and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve used a trial version before or not. To get it, head over to our Global Game Jam site and login.

Just like last year, we’re also running Twitter sweepstakes for jammers using Unity. Just tweet about whatever you’re making with #ggj15 #madewithunity before midnight San Francisco time on Sunday and you can win a $200 voucher for the Asset Store.

source unity

Sunday, 11 January 2015

75 Video Game Companies of Germany

Video Game Companies of Germany unity

German video game companies and developer has genuinely created a mark on the field of video gaming. Starting the very best First-Person Shooters ever produced (Far Cry, Crysis, ), on most impressive RPGs (Gothic collection), to famous city-building strategy games (The Settlers sets), with the top space research and battle games (X series), to Age of Sail and Pirates masterpieces (ANNO series, Port Royale series), to aiding bring back the action variety (Secret Files series, Overclocked, Ankh), as well as to the erotic realm of Lula, around tends absolutely nothing that German developers can't make and become an expert in.

Video Game Companies of Germany

Germany has the largest video games market in Europe, outpacing the United Kingdom.
The annual GamesCom in Cologne is the world's leading gaming expo.

75 Video Game Companies of Germany

  1. 3d-io.com
  2. activision.com
  3. ad-artists.de
  4. animedo.de
  5. aktronic.de
  6. Ariolasoft
  7. Artex Software
  8. Ascaron
  9. Astragon
  10. Attic Entertainment Software
  11. Bigpoint Games
  12. Black Forest Games
  13. Cdv Software Entertainment
  14. CipSoft
  15. Coreplay
  16. Cranberry Production
  17. Crimson Cow
  18. Crytek
  19. Daedalic Entertainment
  20. Deck13 Interactive
  21. de.upjers.com
  22. Digitalmindsoft
  23. Dtp entertainment
  24. EA Phenomic
  25. eku.de
  26. Egosoft
  27. Emagic
  28. Factor 5
  29. Feline Fuelled Games
  30. Fishlabs Entertainment
  31. Fishtank Interactive
  32. Game Doctors
  33. GameDuell
  34. Gameforge
  35. Gamigo AG
  36. Goodgame Studios
  37. HandyGames
  38. hasbro.de
  39. Heureka-Klett
  40. InnoGames
  41. Intenium
  42. Kalypso Media
  43. Kingsoft GmbH
  44. Koch Media
  45. Magnussoft
  46. Massive Development
  48. Phenomedia
  49. Phenomic Game Development
  50. Piranha Bytes
  51. Radon Labs
  52. Rainbow Arts
  53. Realmforge Studios
  54. RedSpotGames
  55. Related Designs
  56. ReLINE Software
  57. Replay Studios
  58. RuneSoft
  59. Shin'en Multimedia
  60. Silver Style Entertainment
  61. SnapDragon Games
  62. Software 2000
  63. Spellbound Entertainment
  64. Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software
  65. sybex.de
  66. Synetic GmbH
  67. Thalion Software
  68. TopWare Interactive
  69. Travian Games
  70. Ubisoft Blue Byte
  71. VEB Polytechnik
  72. Wooga
  73. Yager Development
  74. Zuxxez Entertainment
  75. zynga.com

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

AVPro QuickTime™ Unity free

AVPro QuickTime Unity
Image from renderheads.com

Introduction AVPro QuickTime™

AVPro QuickTime
 is a plugin for Unity that provides quick, smooth, high-quality HD playback of all recommend QuickTime™ media.

The plugin is made for the high-end developers group that need video playback characteristic ahead Unity’s built-in video support.


*NEW* Unity 4.3 support including fast DirectX texture updates
*NEW* Ultra-fast HAP codec support
Supports up to 4K video playback
Windows and Mac OSX supported
Transparent movie support
Adjust rate of playback including backwards
Dynamic loading of files off disk, memory
Stream radio from URL (beta)
Easy to use drag 'n drop components


Interactive installations
Serious games
Scientific Research
Simulation and Training
Video apps
Unity Pro 3.5 - 4.3
Microsoft Windows XP and above (with QuickTime installed)
Apple Mac OSX

AVPro QuickTime Unity
Image from renderheads.com

Full Package
Unity Asset Store

Documentation & Support

AVPro QuickTime full documentation is available here: PDF
join in the community of this plugin at the Unity Forums page.
email them directly at unitysupport@renderheads.com

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Unity Oculus Rift Plugin Free Official Download

Image from unity

The Unity totally free consolidation for Unity Oculus Rift Plugin it provides you authority to access the very same Oculus functions as users of Unity Pro. You can make use of Unity 4.6 and the Oculus integration package to set up any kind of VR materials possible towards Rift!


As soon as you have got hands over it, starting is not hard. Just import the Unity 4 Oculus integration package into Unity, start the demo scene and start moving.

The production helps Windows, Mac, Linux and Gear VR with full accessibility LibOVR through the pure C# wrapper.

Highlights Unity Oculus Rift Plugin:

  • Top-notch in-editor VR previews
  • Easy direct-to-Rift rendering
  • Lens modification, TimeWarp, and dynamic calculation from LibOVR/VRLib
  • Split camera support for cockpits, UI, etc
  • Cross-platform support for XInput controllers
  • Constant IPD and head design for ease at all world scales
  • Vibrant prediction with the DK2 reaction time Tester
  • Resources for locomotion, Tracker access, and Rift status

More comprehensive guidance, tips and tricks are free here.

These are also two dedicated forums for unity developers on oculus.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

$300+ In 4 Days With Reskinning Game

Now a days word reskin is everywhere in game developers field, you can hear this word mostly on freelancers sites like odesk, freelancer, elance etc.
Reskinning is a great and ideal way for startup guys and also for me :)

This is like altering the appearance of the video game (graphics, menu’s, in-game characters, background scenes, and so on) and also the sounds and tunes hanging around while maintaining the definite gameplay almost the same.

Images, sounds and audio are together termed as game or app resources,

Reskinning is actually a procedure where app developers don't need to develop a game from the beginning. You get a premade source-code of an app/ game and alter its layout entirely, so it can have an exciting new look. There are lots of benefits of reskinning premade codes like, cutting developing time, growing income, reducing issues and many others.

Today I am going to show the simple way I used to earn $300 in 4 days with odesk and reskinning.


Unity assets
Medium unity and programing skills
Freelancer, oDesk or elance 100% complete profile
Coffee? or tea whatever you like :)


What I did:

Well, I downloaded some assets from unity asset store both free and paid for some of my games and for clients in all of my package collection i also have an endless runner game to work.
I found that there is a trend on endless runner game and it's hot now a day.

I decided to do a little search on odesk then I found that lots of people finding games like SubwaySurfer, temple run and endless runner.
I start bidding and got 1 contractor to go with and we agreed on $300.

In reskinning process, I face no big issue because I am a good graphics desginer+unity developer so it's become easy for me to make it fast.

See some screenshots of two Reskinned/Altered games.
and this is the original assets.

unity Reskin Game

unity Reskin Game

unity Reskin Game

unity Reskin Game free

unity3d Reskin Game

unity Reskin Game

Reskin Game unity

These are few screenshots of reskinning.

You can hire us for your reskinning and for graphics designer i recommend this guy to hire
Nice graphics designer and in good price.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Unity Skybox Free Download

Unity Skybox Free Download

1. As you know, if you are a subscriber or our blog visitor that we recently shared our PSD's files which we used for games icon and splash screens.
Today I am going to give you 6 different types of skybox for unity.
You can use these skyboxes in various scenes. Six different skies provide you better setup for your scene.

2. A collection of FIVE FREE skyboxes From unity asset store by RKD.

3. Skybox Volume 2 (Nebula)
In the package, you will discover 6 (+1) different types of high-quality nebula skyboxes (blue, red, stars, planet, etc...)

Few more links

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Game Warriors Behind The Scene

An Indies team called Game Warriors running by Santhosh Raj from India. The team has 6 members.
Game warriors currently working on a game "Wonder Race" and soon it will be available to play.

Here are the guys with their job.


M.Santhosh Raj (T/L)
Game Developer
Unity 3D, C, JavaScript.


Vfx Artist
Unity 3D, Maya.


B.Sudhakar Rao
Modeling and Animation
Unity 3D, 3Ds Max.


Md.Ijaz khan
Lighting and Texturing
Unity 3D, Z – Brush.


Maya, Blender 3D.


V.Anantha Krishna
Modeling and Texturing
Maya, 3Ds Max.

Submit your team details
submit now!

Simple Easing Functions for Unity

Super simple, fast and easy to use tweening functions for unity which incorporates optimised Robert Penner's equations.

Functions taken from https://github.com/sole/tween.js/blob/master/src/Tween.js


using UnityEngine;
* Functions taken from Tween.js - Licensed under the MIT license
* at https://github.com/sole/tween.js
public class Easing
public static float Linear (float k) {
return k;
public class Quadratic
public static float In (float k) {
return k*k;
public static float Out (float k) {
return k*(2f - k);
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*k*k;
return -0.5f*((k -= 1f)*(k - 2f) - 1f);
public class Cubic
public static float In (float k) {
return k*k*k;
public static float Out (float k) {
return 1f + ((k -= 1f)*k*k);
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*k*k*k;
return 0.5f*((k -= 2f)*k*k + 2f);
public class Quartic
public static float In (float k) {
return k*k*k*k;
public static float Out (float k) {
return 1f - ((k -= 1f)*k*k*k);
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*k*k*k*k;
return -0.5f*((k -= 2f)*k*k*k - 2f);
public class Quintic
public static float In (float k) {
return k*k*k*k*k;
public static float Out (float k) {
return 1f + ((k -= 1f)*k*k*k*k);
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*k*k*k*k*k;
return 0.5f*((k -= 2f)*k*k*k*k + 2f);
public class Sinusoidal
public static float In (float k) {
return 1f - Mathf.Cos(k*Mathf.PI/2f);
public static float Out (float k) {
return Mathf.Sin(k*Mathf.PI/2f);
public static float InOut (float k) {
return 0.5f*(1f - Mathf.Cos(Mathf.PI*k));
public class Exponential
public static float In (float k) {
return k == 0f? 0f : Mathf.Pow(1024f, k - 1f);
public static float Out (float k) {
return k == 1f? 1f : 1f - Mathf.Pow(2f, -10f*k);
public static float InOut (float k) {
if (k == 0f) return 0f;
if (k == 1f) return 1f;
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*Mathf.Pow(1024f, k - 1f);
return 0.5f*(-Mathf.Pow(2f, -10f*(k - 1f)) + 2f);
public class Circular
public static float In (float k) {
return 1f - Mathf.Sqrt(1f - k*k);
public static float Out (float k) {
return Mathf.Sqrt(1f - ((k -= 1f)*k));
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return -0.5f*(Mathf.Sqrt(1f - k*k) - 1);
return 0.5f*(Mathf.Sqrt(1f - (k -= 2f)*k) + 1f);
public class Elastic
public static float In (float k) {
if (k == 0) return 0;
if (k == 1) return 1;
return -Mathf.Pow( 2f, 10f*(k -= 1f))*Mathf.Sin((k - 0.1f)*(2f*Mathf.PI)/0.4f);
public static float Out (float k) {
if (k == 0) return 0;
if (k == 1) return 1;
return Mathf.Pow(2f, -10f*k)*Mathf.Sin((k - 0.1f)*(2f*Mathf.PI)/0.4f) + 1f;
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return -0.5f*Mathf.Pow(2f, 10f*(k -= 1f))*Mathf.Sin((k - 0.1f)*(2f*Mathf.PI)/0.4f);
return Mathf.Pow(2f, -10f*(k -= 1f))*Mathf.Sin((k - 0.1f)*(2f*Mathf.PI)/0.4f)*0.5f + 1f;
public class Back
static float s = 1.70158f;
static float s2 = 2.5949095f;
public static float In (float k) {
return k*k*((s + 1f)*k - s);
public static float Out (float k) {
return (k -= 1f)*k*((s + 1f)*k + s) + 1f;
public static float InOut (float k) {
if ((k *= 2f) < 1f) return 0.5f*(k*k*((s2 + 1f)*k - s2));
return 0.5f*((k -= 2f)*k*((s2 + 1f)*k + s2) + 2f);
public class Bounce
public static float In (float k) {
return 1f - Out(1f - k);
public static float Out (float k) {
if (k < (1f/2.75f)) {
return 7.5625f*k*k;
else if (k < (2f/2.75f)) {
return 7.5625f*(k -= (1.5f/2.75f))*k + 0.75f;
else if (k < (2.5f/2.75f)) {
return 7.5625f *(k -= (2.25f/2.75f))*k + 0.9375f;
else {
return 7.5625f*(k -= (2.625f/2.75f))*k + 0.984375f;
public static float InOut (float k) {
if (k < 0.5f) return In(k*2f)*0.5f;
return Out(k*2f - 1f)*0.5f + 0.5f;

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Unity Crashes on startup- A quick Fixes

Sometimes it happens that you try to open unity editor but it goes bug report screen or crash.
By default, Unity always loads up the last project that you edited.

1. You can skip this bug screen by holding down "Alt" immediately after unity starts, and you'll get an option to select a different project or start a new project.

2. If this doesn't solve the error you should check you drivers this happens with lots of users reported.

Start > Run > "DXDIAG" and hit enter
Uninstalling the HID drivers helped many users.

3. Renaming the project which is crashing also solve, but start project as a blank.

4. Uninstall any third party application you installed for unity.

If the problem still continue please contact Unity Support: support@unity3d.com or report a bug.

Am I missing something? Suggest me in comments!

Monday, 22 December 2014

COLORED GAMES Behind The Scene

Indie Studio Name: COLORED GAMES

Colored Games is the collaborative Group of extremely talented Professionals from backgrounds like Artists, software engineers, Computer Engineering, Animators, video game Designers, Game Developers and Social Media. You can expect Services for all Preferred platforms.

They continue to do research and stay engaged to help make the recommendations up-to-date On-Board.

They are usually offering services in-

Game Development - Mobile, Web, Social, Desktop.
Interactive Technologies - Leap Motion Applications, Game Pad Controlled Applications.
Animated Video Production - 3D Animated Video Production for Games and Movies.

Game We are Working On


iNCREDIBLE jOGGER is an adventure infinite runner game under development and most of the part has already been done. Now we are adding some social media sharing capabilities and then we are ready to go initially for Google Play and Amazon followed by IOS and Windows in a future.

Indie game teams unity

You can check updates about this game on Dedicated FaceBookpage

Teaser Animated Trailer


Do you have an indie game team or making game yourself and want to share to the world?
so you are at right place!

submit your team and game details like this
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